about me

i’m a nerd.nerd2

you know how some people enjoy sudoku or crosswords or running?  or going to parties?  i feel that way about solving chemistry problems.

if i were a superhero i would dedicate my life to helping college chemistry students defeat their evil ego-driven professors — you know, the ones who make their students feel overwhelmed with complicated vocabulary and graduate-level theory, and then crush their souls when they ask questions?   i like questions.  i like helping people.

hey, maybe i AM a superhero.


quirky, offbeat, a little too honest.  my interests include Minecraft, Christian apologetics (specifically the intersection between science and theology), quantum theory, zombies, sushi, clean eating, government conspiracies, sarcasm, and (apparently) accidentally offending people.

if you want to read my boring biography/resume, you can find it here.  otherwise, who cares about me?!?  let’s hear about you and your chemistry woes.

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just chemistry. no stress.