Aldol Addition: Predicting Products (the easy way)

When I predict reaction products, I usually don’t want to think my way through the mechanism.  Instead, I want a “quick and dirty” way to get to the correct product with as little effort as possible.  I’m sure that says something terrible about my character, but let’s not go there.

So… if you’re lazy like me, you’ll probably be glad to know this simple technique. :)

Aldol Addition Mechanism

Deep breath.

Okay, let it out.  This video covers the MECHANISM of aldol additions.  NOT THE CONDENSATION, folks!

Aldol reactions occur in two steps:  First the addition step, then the elimination step which results in the full condensation reaction.  You’ll learn all about it in my Aldols Playlist (LINK!).

I find it’s best to focus first on the mechanism of the addition step and get comfortable with that beast BEFORE you try the second part.

That said… here’s the video for the addition mechanism.  But do feel free to take my sage advice and just wander on over to youtube and watch the video playlist in order.  ;)

the Hofmann Degradation Mechanism degrades my very soul. : (

Here’s an old mechanism from when I was “Janci at Bright Idea Tutoring.” As always, poor video quality is the order of the day.
I got a special email request to cover the Hofmann Degradation, which, honestly, is one of the more soul-crushing mechanisms out there. I decided to cover it so you guys could see that it’s not as horrible as it seems.

Fischer Esterification – blast from the past.

When I first started making videos, I was “Janci Despain at Bright Idea Tutoring.” My video quality was laughable. But people still watch (and like, and comment on) this first Fischer Esterification video, which makes me oh so happy. <3

Newer, cleaner, better videos are on their way, guys.  xo

just chemistry. no stress.